You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach

Hi guys!A few weeks ago we got to chill with hot choco with marshmallows and “æbleskiver” and crossaints with chocolate on top. Good food and awesome company equals a really good life :P Now let me show you:

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Hi guys! I have a few moments from November-December that I wanted to share with you before 2021! Due to COVID I haven’t spend a lot of time socially, like spending time with friends and family. I actually ended up cancelling pretty much everything the last 2 months. I’ve been hanging with a few friends who lives nearby us in Copenhagen that we often see and if I go to my parents’s place I make sure to take a test before I go, just to be safe. I have been enjoying this time though. There has been a lot of…

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Don’t just exist. Live.

Hi guys! I promise you this is the last Rømø-post I have :P hahaWell I did got taken some outfit shots at Rømø that I wanted to share with you guys. The dress is from Pieces and one of my favorite dresses to wear in the Summer since it’s so comfy:

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Simple Saree Look

Hi guys! It’s time for a saree look today! I did this look a loooong time ago and never got to post it and I thought that it is time :P I love this saree! It’s just a very simple black saree with a pink border. Nothing fancy. But I love it :P Also I went with a very simple makeup look where the focus was the base, and some eyeshadow but no mascara or eyeliner and then just lip gloss for the lips:

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a day in my life

Hello guys! So this vlog is actually from November but I thought I would post it anyways :P I hope you guys like it! MUSIC: Music by ninjoi. – Femina – Music by Caity Krone – Work of Art –

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My comfort dessert

It there’s one thing I’ve been enjoying here in Copenhagen dessert wise and in the COVID-period: It is for sure these banana muffins with chocolate AND “romkugler”.! I’ve bought these several times now! It’s delicious and so good with a cup of green tea and it has been my comfort when feeling low :P

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