#21DECEMBERDIARY – Julehygge and curly hair

Hello guys!
So as I told you this Saturday we got to do some “Julehygge”. We were eating Christmas snacks, we ordered a pizza, watched Home Alone, put up the Christmas Tree and then just talking until 4 in the morning. The day couldn’t get any better:

Also as you guys know I’ve got a new look: I got my hair cut and dyed it, and I tried it out with my curls as well: From straight hair to curly hair:

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I’m so grateful for this Holiday and it feels good to come back to my parents’s place. This is exactly what I need right now <3
Life feels good and I love taking a break from everything and just take it one day at a time. I sometimes forget to just enjoy the presence and do something I feel for cause you know on work days.. I work and then I get home and I’m mostly exhausted, so the days aren’t productive after work as I want it to be. Still working on the work life balance so it is nice to take a step back and get my life back on track with healthy habits and routine.


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