Life lately

Life has been very laid-back at the moment. I’m just focusing on work and my daily routines and habits, trying to adopt healthier choices without being too harsh on myself. I’ve been cutting back on sugar more than usual and being more mindful of what I’m eating, going for water instead of soda.

I still enjoy eating out with my loved ones, but I make healthier choices, like choosing chicken instead of beef and water over soda.

Aside from that, I’ve slowly started going to fitness again after doing home workouts for a couple of weeks. I’ve also been padle tennis with my boyfriend, and since I’m currently in Copenhagen, I’ve been walking a lot. For example, today I’ve walked 10K steps, walking to the office and back home after work.

Being in Copenhagen, I’ve been catching up with friends and colleagues here, and it’s been so nice. I love Copenhagen; there’s just something about it <3

Now let me show you my life in pictures:


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