life goes on

Hi guys! It’s new year and I thought I would share some of my goals with you guys today. I’ve been reflecting a lot and I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself lately. Due to the Corona situation I’m not making big plans and also I’m taking this time to really work on myself. The goal for 2021 is kinda the same as you know every year but with a few extra ones :P You know I try to work on myself every year, every month, every week, every day and there’s nothing like big changes just because…

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Bulletjournal, reading & sunset

Hi guys! I’ve started 2021 with some planning and I’m working on some routines again (morning, evening and workout routine). I have a lot of different goals that I want to work towards this year and I’m trying to do some planning without exhausting myself of course. This month, January I’m just relaxing, reflecting and I’m taking a step back from life. I realized I need some time for myself to figure out what I want and also to figure out how I’m feeling. I’m back at work after two weeks of holiday and it feels good to be back…

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Hi again! Once again: Happy New Year!! <3 Let me start off with saying: 2020.. was different.. like really different for all of us. But I’ve been trying to reflect on the year today and it has not been that bad at all: I mean my family is healthy, I am healthy, my friends are healthy, we are all ok due to the circumstances. I have a job, which a lot of people lost this year. I’m ok health wise or at least taking care of it and financially I’m good and my close ones are doing ok too and…

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New Year’s Eve

Happy New Year Guys!! <3 I hope you all got into the new year happily and I hope you will all get an amazing 2021 <3 Here are some shots from our New Years Eve: I will be posting a lot more New Year related content throughout January! Stay tuned <3

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another day in my life

Hi guys! I’ve got another vlog for you guys. Hope you like it! MUSIC: Music by Mark Generous – August Rush – Music by Alina Smith – Girl That Was Perfect –

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You can’t live a full life on an empty stomach

Hi guys!A few weeks ago we got to chill with hot choco with marshmallows and “æbleskiver” and crossaints with chocolate on top. Good food and awesome company equals a really good life :P Now let me show you:

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