I believe that if one always looked at the skies, one would end up with wings

If there’s one thing I really enjoy doing more and more of; it is trying to capture the nature. There’s just something really fascinating about the sunset and skies and the nature. I love how different it looks everyday, I love the colors and most importantly I love how it…

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You Changed Me

Hello guys! I have an outfit post for you guys today. Lately I’ve been enjoying wearing loose dresses. It feels free and chill! This dress is from Pieces and has kinda become my everyday uniform cause it’s so comfy :P <3

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My Meditation Experience

Hi guys! Today I thought I would share my meditation experience with you guys. So I just found out that it is called “to live in the present” XD I’m really sorry the wording was wrong but I hope you get what I’m saying anyways :P *sorry* ^^’ I hope…

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Vegeterian Kinda Day

Hello guys! A week ago it was a vegetarian kinda day back home. Amma cooked some delicious tamil food and I thought I would share it with guys on the blog! I gotta say I really enjoy Amma’s tamil vegetarian food (soru kari => Good stuff!). And I kinda miss…

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Bday Pt 2

Hello guys! <3I got to celebrate my birthday twice since I also got to celebrate back home with my parents. It was really nice. Amma mad good food, Thannu’s family came by and we were just eating good food and talking. I got a few pictures that I thought I…

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Korean Barbecue

Hi guys!As I mentioned in the previous post I had birthday last week and we decided to go out to try Korean Barbecue for the first time. I’ve never really tried Korean Barbecue or proper Korean food. I’ve just watched it a lot on Korean dramas and it always look…

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