What goes around, comes around

Hello guys! It’s time for a new outfit post! These photos are taken by Thannu and we took them a few months ago but I just got time to post it now! So we were going for something sophisticated, bossy and kinda strong and a little dark as well. The…

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a day in my life

Hello guys! New vlog is finally up! Sorry it took me so long. I’ve been caught up with life and I have a hard time finding a proper routine/structure to upload (working on it though!) I hope you guys like it ^^ Music by Jonny Glenn – Don’t Wanna Let…

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Wherever life plants you, bloom with grace

Hello guys! I’m finally back with outfit posts. So I’ve had these for a while now and I thought I would use them differently than how I usually do but I changed my mind again. So I’m gonna do outfit posts as I used to and then also use the…

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Korean BBQ

Hi guys! I’ve been enjoying korean BBQ lately and I’ve went to this place several times with friends and I realized I haven’t shared it on the blog so here it is! What I really love about this restaurant is that it has this “home”-“cosy”-feel into it. And I think…

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Espresso House

Hello guys! Here’s another “café-post” :P I’ve been chilling at cafés with friends lately. I mostly just drink green tea and then we share some cake or dessert. A few weeks ago my friend and I were catching up at Espresso House where we bought a delicious chocolate muffin (I…

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Cook With Me – Easy Breakfast (Amma half approved)

Hello guys! So this is a suggested video that I did months ago but I just got time to edit again! So I decided to cook a really easy breakfast recipe with my mom. It was fun. My mom had a tough time with me since I’m so slow in…

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