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Since it is easter, I’m doing some online shopping and looking around to see if there are any good deals and also what’s new in the stores. This post is about the deals I’ve found in Magasin that I personally feel like is very tempting. Let me show you:

I’ve heard so many good things about Almost lipstick black honey from Clinique and I’ve been wanting this for months. I’m still trying to finish off the products I’ve already bought before buying new ones. I have a bunch of lip products already but this one though.. I feel like this one is an exception xD haha

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Lip perfector from Clarins! I’ve never tried Clarins products as far as I remember but this one is something I would love to try:

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In general I haven’t really tried a lip oil and I would love to have one and this is one of the lip oils I’m very curious about. I’ve looked at it a few times but haven’t got to buy it yet.

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I’m always looking for a new gel brow to try out. I dont think I have found one yet that I’ve felt like I wanted to repurchase. I would love to try this one from MAC

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I also found a few nailpolishes that I really would love to buy:

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