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Hi, guys! Get ready for a bunch of pictures since I couldn’t choose! <3 (Don’t judge

A few weeks ago, I was surprised with a bachelorette party and it was so much fun! I want to start off this blog post by expressing my deep gratitude for the day. I feel truly blessed, and it’s a day I will never forget: it pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best possible way! I genuinely appreciate everyone and everything about this day. <3


My sister and Thannu told me that Thannu had a concert scheduled for this Saturday. I did ask about the location and wondered about the early timing of the concert. Typically, concerts start much later, but then I thought, ‘Maybe I don’t fully understand this event.’ So I decided to wait and see what the day would bring.


Little did I know that my sister was taking me to a surprise bachelorette party, known as a ‘polterabend’ in Danish. At first, I was surprised, then I froze, and then I felt awkward because I’m not good with surprises, and being the center of attention scares the hell out of me. It’s too much pressure. Fortunately, my friends know me well, so to them, I was just being my usual self. Despite the discomfort, it felt really good to see my friends showing up and making sure I had fun. They were amazing and I’m grateful <3


As for the first challenge, they decided to take me to a recording studio, where we had to record a song and make a music video. Don’t get me wrong: I love singing and music in general, but I’m very shy when it comes to singing and music-related activities (unless I’ve had a few drinks, then I don’t care)

I had a hard time and felt so anxious at first. They had invested all this time and money for me to try this, and I was too shy and nervous. I worried that they might think I wasn’t grateful for what they had done for me, and the overthinking just made it worse. But all my friends were incredibly good at pushing me in a healthy way, supporting me, and giving their all. Most importantly, they were all so good at just enjoying everything, which made it easier for me.

I’m grateful they chose this for me because it was personal and pushed me out of my comfort zone, yet it’s something I will always cherish. It was fun, and I gradually became more relaxed. It was just pure enjoyment. The result? Well, it was bad… really bad! Haha! But that’s how it’s supposed to be anyway. It was so much fun!

After that, we had to shoot a music video; there were a lot of fancy elements, and everyone had to showcase some dance moves. At the end, there was a green screen where I had to pretend like I was flying while singing. It was so much fun!! I was shy all the time but it was still so much fun! xD

After that, we actually had a laser game; you know, the kind you see in movies where you have to navigate through red lasers without touching them, like in a heist scene. It was actually harder than I thought, but we all loved trying it out!

Fooooood, games & tarot card reading

After that, we returned to my sister’s place for some lunch, which was incredibly cozy! Then, they had booked a tarot card reader, so I had a personal reading, which was so cool! Besides loving music and singing, I’m also intrigued by the whole spiritual world. After the reading, all my friends had prepared some games related to me and my boyfriend, as well as games just for me and my friends, and it was really fun.


After chilling at home, we went out again, and the girls had prepared dinner and a party in a party hall! It was amazing! I loved the decorations, the vibe, the pizza, the drinks—everything! It was perfect.

Noho cocktail bar

Afterward, we went to Noho Cocktail Bar for cocktails and continued the party there

had such an amazing day and so much fun!! I’m incredibly grateful for my friends for doing all this for me. I really appreciate it

Details: Keeping these for memories

Let me share some details of the decorations that I’m keeping as memories. I’m thinking of making some sort of scrapbook with all of this.


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