Sunday Reset

This weekend, I had to cancel all plans because I got sick this week. I went to a photoshoot, which was so fun and cozy! The pictures will be up next week, I think. But due to the weather, I ended up getting sick, and I really don’t have the time to be sick right now. I have a lot on my plate at work, so I need to get going!

Today, my father-in-law brought me some food and “rasam,” which is a very spicy soup, I would say, and it really helped a lot for my throat and also I felt a lot more energized after his food! I’m so grateful and blessed!

Anyway, a new week is starting, and I just really want to feel better and do better. I’ve been kinda slacking when it comes to being healthy and working out and all that, and the wedding is approaching, and I’m just here eating chocolate and burgers. That’s what I do when I’m stressed, but it’s just going to make me feel more stressed in the long run to cope this way xD. So let’s see if I can “fix” it next week!

Now let me show you my weekend in pictures: It’s basically eating and watching friends for the most part


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