What I’ve been up to: Wisdom teeth removal, IBS and Gilmore Girls

Hi guys!
It is time for a lifeupdate-kinda-post; cause I felt like it :P
This week simply sucked xD I got a small surgery to get my “wisdom tooth” removed at the dentist, which ended up with me not being able to do life; minimal work, bad sad food, a lot of water and medicin and lying in bed and watching Gilmore Girls all over again.

I’m trying again and again to get into some healthy routines but there’s always something “standing in the way” or making it even more challenging, like it is not challenging enough for me already :P Life is not all bad, just a few set backs as you can tell :P I’m slowly getting better. I’m still in pain due to the surgery but I can tell it is getting better. I have a dentist appointment tomorrow again, so they can check up on the whole situation. But yeah I’m currently living life with ice cream and milkshakes cause that makes the pain less painful xD

Oh beside that I just kinda of got confirmed that I have IBS by my doctor after running some tests, so I need to change up my eating habits even more and be more consistent with working out. The doctor said she is pretty sure that it is IBS and also that it makes sense since I already struggle with PTSD and anxiety issues and that can affect the stomach physically. So I’ve bought some supplements that maybe can help me dealing with stomach pain (or so the doctor said). I hope it will help!

Due to my health and also to focus on my job, I’ve been cancelling and moving around some plans, so I can breathe and take care of myself. I think I’ll spend October getting these things figured out and to rest.

Now: My life in pictures:


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