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Hi guys!
I am working on trying to eat a little healthier to take care of myself. So far I’ve only come this far where my breakfast is kinda healthy. I’m not being too strict on myself so I can have dessert and chocolate and a cake if I feel like to :P Later I’m thinking to be more strict about my sweet tooth but you know I’ll take it one step at a time :P I feel like life is sad if I just cut everything off and am on a very strict diet (I love food okay. . pls dont judge) xD So I’m taking very small steps so I can make sure to keep up and so I can feel more motivated to do better! So the way I do it right now is actually just trying to incorporate more healthy fruits, veggies and salad to each meal without having strict restrictions about what not to eat. Beside that my portion of food is also not that huge, but I’m kinda still struggling with that part, like to understand when it’s a lot of food and when it’s too small of a portion where it gets unhealthy. I’m working on that part too and being aware that I don’t eat way to little or way too much.


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