Bulletjournal, reading & sunset

Hi guys!
I’ve started 2021 with some planning and I’m working on some routines again (morning, evening and workout routine). I have a lot of different goals that I want to work towards this year and I’m trying to do some planning without exhausting myself of course. This month, January I’m just relaxing, reflecting and I’m taking a step back from life. I realized I need some time for myself to figure out what I want and also to figure out how I’m feeling. I’m back at work after two weeks of holiday and it feels good to be back and get things done and just be productive. Beside work I haven’t been up to a lot; I read, meditate, journal, workout, clean around the apartment and beside that I actually just chill at home watching Netflix. Right now I’m watching Community on Netflix. I just started on season 5 xD

I want 2021 to be a year of growth and healing. I want to take my time to really listen to myself and my needs and work on myself and figure out life as usual :P I’ll see if I can go more in depth with my goals for this year in another post. Today’s post is kinda random. I’m back at doing some proper bulletjournaling again and I wanted to share how my very laid back days are like:

As you can see: planning/bulletjournaling, reading, and watching the sky and sunsets is pretty much my life at the moment. I’m taking it slow this month and trying to get an overview of my life and goals <3


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