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Hi guys!
It’s new year and I thought I would share some of my goals with you guys today. I’ve been reflecting a lot and I’ve been taking a lot of time for myself lately. Due to the Corona situation I’m not making big plans and also I’m taking this time to really work on myself. The goal for 2021 is kinda the same as you know every year but with a few extra ones :P You know I try to work on myself every year, every month, every week, every day and there’s nothing like big changes just because it’s a new year but I still like to do goal settings, every year, every month, every week and also every day :P It’s something I’m still practicing a lot. So let’s start with my goals!


The first priority this year and forever is my health both physically and mentally. I’m gonna take my health more seriously this year. I think it kinda got out of hand physically and mentally at the end of last year. I was just exhausted physically and mentally and I had a lot of doctors visits because of that -.-‘ I’m gonna work out at least 3 times a week. I’m gonna eat healthier. I’m gonna quit eating out as much as I’ve done (I’ll elaborate on this on the finance section as well). I’m gonna go for walks, enjoy the nature more, move, do yoga, cardio and just in general make some healthy choices. Also I want to try to see if I can at least lay in bed about 21:00. I’m probably not gonna fall asleep at that time but I have to be ready to just try to sleep at least. So workout, 8 hours of sleep and healthy mindfull eating. That doesn’t really mean I’m on a strict diet though! Just putting that out there as well :P


I’m already working on this but I was very lazy last year. I’ve done better than this before. I want to be more consistent with meditation, yoga, going for walks, read books and just being more mindfull in general. This also means not sitting too much on my phone and just be present in the moment. I’m a lot in my head. I worry too much about the past and future and I forget the present moment very easily. So I’m gonna work on that as well.


Last year I proved to myself that I can save money and afford moving to a bigger and nicer apartment. It was an amazing achievement. This year I want to do even better. I want to stop spending my money in careless ways. This year I’m quitting eating out as much as I can and ordering food. I can only do that for special occasions or if I’m hanging with friends after a long time and they really wanna go out or something. My biggest spending is actually on food, so that’s where I can save my money best. Next big spending would be clothes so that’s my next focus to limit myself from. Last year I was very conscious about not buying too much makeup. I only bought if I really needed something specific or wanted to try a few specific foundations, so I’m just gonna keep on doing that and I don’t feel like I need to be even more strict about that this year. I also unsubscribed Goodiebox and Livingbox to save money this year. I prefer spending my money on my singing lessons, some sports and stuff like that.

Blog & YouTube

Last year I was really not much motivated to blog and youtube as I used to. It also turned out with me not being that consistent with the blog and youtube and I just did it whenever I kinda felt for it or had proper time. I want to be more consistent with blog and youtube but I’m still trying to figure out what I want. I love the blog, like I just post whatever is happening or I feel for. YouTube takes a lot of time and I need to plan and prioritize to make YouTube more consistent. I also need to be better at planning my content. I’m giving myself some time to figure out what I want to do and how I want to do things. I’ve asked myself a couple of times if I should just you know drop it but I dont feel like dropping it. It actually makes me really happy, but I just need to figure out how I can have the time and surplus to make this work and be satisfied with the content as well. As you can tell I’m still reflecting and trying to understand what I want to do and what makes me happy.

Social Media

Okay, so I have been a huge fan of social media. Instagram to be exact. I’ve loved it so much and I love collecting memories and I love the portfolio style. With that said this year… it wasn’t good for me. I felt like it took a lot of my time and I felt like or I caught myself comparing myself and feeling not good enough. I know we shouldn’t compare and all that but I did last year. Also I think it was very eye opening like how social media affects us and how it takes our time. I’ve had several very entertaining conversations with my colleagues at work and it kinda opened my eyes towards what social media is. We discussed whether it is fake or not for example and I was very stubborn about social media not being fake. Of course we choose to only show our highlights for the most part but that doesn’t mean we are fake. That was my strong opinion. Until I caught myself this year feeling like crap and still posting pictures as everything was all good at times (yes.. I’m guilty of that too). I didn’t realize that until like I’ve had these discussions and reflection about social media. And suddenly I was like “who am I trying to fool? other people or myself?”. I felt like I was trying to distract myself through social media and I’m not a big fan of that. Instagram is not what it once used to be and it’s both in good and bad ways. Like I’m not saying I’m not gonna post on Instagram. I still love posting, I love taking photos, I love editing, I love sharing my good memories etc. so yeah I’m gonna keep on doing that but I want to be more conscious about how I’m using social media and also conscious about WHY I’m posting what I’m posting and I want to take breaks and MAYBE I want to be more raw and honest. The thing is I also want my platforms: blog, youtube, instagram to be a positive space that inspires me and motives me to keep on going so that is important as well. I love sharing photography, quotes, music etc. but I’ll try to limit it a little, just so I can listen to myself and really be more conscious about how I’m doing and not lie to myself as if my life is “perfect” when it’s not. Honestly not that my life is bad at all. I’m really grateful for my life but I hope you get the point ;)


To be honest: I never thought I would be this inspired and motivated about work as I feel. I was very scared after finishing my degree that I wont find a job that makes me happy. This job I have is tough, sometimes stressful but in a good way. It makes me grow and it challenges me and since I love creating content I feel like it’s the same as blog, youtube, photography, editing, writing etc. It’s kinda the same. I’m coding, implementing some functionality, documenting, testing and you know creating content through some functionality and I love it! But I feel like I’m NOT good enough at all. I wanna be better at coding. I wanna be a good developer and there is such a long way but I love the feeling that I’m learning something new every single day, which makes me excited! So my focus this year will also be on work or on just being a better developer!

So yeah, those are my goals and also some reflections from last year. I hope you are all doing good. Now I have some work I want to finish off before going to bed so I’ll see you guys later! Take care <3


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