Life ATM

Hi guys
I thought I would give you guys a life update today before posting a couple of other blogposts here on the blog :P Life has been tough lately. I’ve been feeling burned out, lack of motivation and no overview on life and despite all that I’ve been sick for all most a week. So yeah I’m kinda mentally and physically drained. I’m still trying to get the best and most out of life and I’m trying to take care of myself as well. I haven’t been doing much this week beside resting and lying in bed. Before that my schedule was very tight with work and plans so I didn’t feel like I had the time to update the blog. But I think the goal is to get my life a little more together this weekend so I can be more consistent with the updates. It has just been one of those times where there is too much on my plate and I needed to breathe :) Let me show you some moments:


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