Hi guys!
I’m kinda trying to figure life out at the moment. I’ve been out of my routines and haven’t really felt that motivated to do anything as blogging, youtube or just working out, cooking, reading, meditating, my morning routine etc. Like everything kinda got cancelled the past few weeks :P I actually dont think it’s a bad thing to be honest.. i think it’s like.. sometimes you get out of the routines and you need a break and then you have to get back into it again and you have to adjust depending on how you are feeling and where you are at life. So I’m trying not to be too harsh on myself that I haven’t got things figured out or that I haven’t felt motivated or inspired to do the things I used to. I think it’s healthy that I reflect on what I want and I listen to myself and figure out why I do the things I do and what I want to achieve from the things I do in life. Well obviously I just want to achieve happiness and peace in life actually. There is nothing big there but yeah sometimes it feels harder than what it is and also it’s very much an inside job so blogging, youtube, social media, cooking etc. won’t help all the time and can easily be more of a distraction in regards to what I’m looking for. So I need a healthy balance between the things I do so I can live happily if that makes sense. But yeah life is good and I feel blessed and I am enjoying the good weather, food, work and just chilling home. It’s peaceful and healthy and it has been exactly what I need currently:


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