Getting my life together

Hi guys!
I thought I would write a life update kinda post today. I’m really focusing on myself, my health and well-being lately and it feels good. I feel like I’m for the first time really focusing on my needs and just on me in general. It’s a weird feeling to get used to. Sometimes I even feel guilty choosing me over everything else but I think it’s healthy for me at the same time. I’m doing a lot of shadow work and healing as I’ve mentioned earlier on the blog. So I wake up 5:30, meditate, journal, get ready for work, make a healthy breakfast and you know get going with life (equals work). Other than that I’m really working on the blog and youtube and trying to find myself as a content creator as well. It feels good to just chill and focus on my goals and dreams. I want to have a healthier lifestyle with peace, mindfullness and happiness and that’s kinda what I’m working towards. I feel like I now have (once again) a proper morning routine. And it helps me be more focused at work so that’s really good. I’m also trying to figure blogging and youtube out. I needed time to create content and brainstorm, so that’s what I’ve been doing in the weekends which makes me really happy! So yeah that’s pretty much my life at the moment. Let me show you some moments:


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