peaceful mind, grateful heart.

I’ve been sleeping bad lately. Don’t get me wrong: life is good. It’s actually really amazing at the moment. But I think I’m overthinking and over-worrying without any valid reason; I think mostly to be prepared for anything bad happening; do you know the feeling, where you are like; life is too good right now. This is weird? Yeah.. life has kinda been like this lately.

It has been such a rollercoaster from dad getting sick at the beginning of the year to be recovered, and me moving back etc. The reason I’m saying life is amazing is truly because he is so much better, and I’m just really grateful to have a family, loved ones and a simple beautiful life. It’s just things are too good to be true in general so I get worried and feel like I have to be prepared or wait for something bad instead of enjoying this very beautiful moment.

So with that said; I decided to go to the temple: to pray, connect with god, and find peace. I asked my parents to join me and we went last week and it was amazing. I got time to reflect, to thank god for all the good things happening at the moment and also sharing my worries that doesn’t really make sense at all. It was a relief. I feel less lonely and much more protected when I pray. I’m truly grateful for the life God has given me and I feel like life is just getting better and better, with a few bumps along the way; which is a part of life. I’m just really grateful that my dad is getting better for every day, and that I’m feeling more and more settled after moving and I’m really focusing on my health and wellbeing at the moment, which feels great! Anyways; here are some temple photos and outfit photos, which is from Varnakavi Textiles. I love their panjavis (or salwar kameez as you call it).


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