10 things I do to take care of myself

Hi guys!
Even though I have mentioned that I don’t have big expectations for this year, it doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna embrace life and keep on working on myself to feel better inside and out. These habits are some you can incorporate whenever. It doesn’t have to be for the new year but I do feel motivated to kickstart this year in a healthy yet relaxed way so I wanted to share with you what I’m working on currently to improve my lifestyle. I dont expect perfect but I just want to get the feeling that I’m trying and that I’m not quitting these goals of mine. I just want to feel good, more energetic, positive, happy and at peace. Some days I get these feeling easily and other days I really have to try hard to feel it, but the most important part again is that I’m trying to do my best to feel good and I want you guys to feel the same! <3

  1. Meditation
    I’m back with meditation again. I took a break from it because I was lazy and out of routine and I was just not feeling it. But I just started meditating again, right before New Year and I gotta say it really does help me stay calm, focused and just grounded. I can tell a difference when I meditate for the most part. I do have days where I have a really hard time focusing on just breathing but I just sit there anyways and try and I think it helps.
  2. Reading
    I’m currently reading Atomic Habits and it has been so motivating. I think this book really helps me have a routine and stick to the routines and habits. I want to read more, but I do have the same issue with reading as meditation. It’s hard for me to focus on the reading so I dont read a lot at once but I’m working on it. I love reading. It motivates and inspires me so much. Also it is a way of educating myself. I love it. I love learning and growth.
  3. Journaling
    This habit is still something I’m struggling with. Journaling should help a lot with mental health. I still struggle to like open up everyday and I feel like I’m writing the same over and over again but I’ve found these journaling prompts on Pinterest that I’m gonna try out. That might help. I still want to try to continue doing this. I’ve been journaling a lot for over 10 years at least but lately I feel less motivated to do so. When I was younger I felt like I was more honest with myself and open and direct in which lately I don’t feel the same way, but again I’m working on it.
  4. Affirmations and subliminals
    I listen to affirmations every morning on Spotify and YouTube and I love to just have it in the background. I also have this app called “I Am” that just has a lot of affirmations which is so inspiring and motivating. Whenever I need to lift my mood and change my state of mind I just scroll through the app.
    Recently I’ve also started listening to subliminals. Subliminals are still new to me and I’m still doing some research on this part but they say that listening to subliminals, you will change your subconscious mind without really being aware of it which is kind of fascinating to me.
  5. Yoga
    I’m back to doing yoga again every morning. This really lifts my mood and I feel way more energetic after. I’m not good at yoga but I love how it makes me feel. I hope one day I’ll be good. But I can definitely feel that it raises my vibration.
  6. Social
    Nr 6 and 7 will sound contradicting but I’ll elaborate on number 7 :P I realized through this last few weeks that I actually feel motivated and inspired by being social. I enjoy hanging with my friends and have a good positive talk and share experiences and just catching up and I think it’s important. I think I will regret not making an effort with the ones I love and care about.
  7. Me-Time
    With that said in number 6: being social. I also think it is so important that you love spending time with yourself and don’t depend on others. When I’m alone I can really listen to myself and understand how I’m feeling. It can be lonely and scary but it is necessary to really get to know yourself and take care of yourself. At the very end of the day you only have yourself so you have to take care of yourself. Also it is really hard for me to be social and out-going if I don’t get this time for myself to really listen to myself. If I’m too social in a row with no breaks I will be overwhelmed and it will be too much for me, so I make sure that I get a lot of me-time to recharge and to take care of me so I can be there for my loved ones <3
  8. Staying Hydrated
    Well yeah I don’t think it is necessary to elaborate on this one :P But water really makes a difference on the energy, frequency and also your skin!
  9. Educate myself
    This one is kind of connected to number 2, reading but beside reading there are other ways to educate yourself as listening to podcasts for example. Right before New Year I started taking courses on Skillshare, and that is a good way to educate yourself as well. I’m also reading about skincare and tarot cards to understand and educate myself a little bit more in these areas. It’s really healthy to be curious and dig deep on subjects you find interesting. It will give you more confidence too. Other examples would be learning a new language. I’ve read that that is good for your brain and also to learn an instrument. I would love to learn Hindi or Korean one day. But the plan is first to learn to play the piano since I got that for my birthday last year and I already take singing lessons. This is a form of self-care as well and you grow and evolve so much.
  10. Sleep
    Okay, this one is obvious as well but sleep really does make a difference so I have to mention it and also it is something I’m really trying to work on. I’ve got some issues with sleeping and I’m kinda used to it but then there are days where it’s really bad and I don’t function as much as the days where I get a good sleep. I just started a new routine this year where I start my night routine at 21:00 and I just meditate, journal, clean, read, skincare and then prepare my mind to go to sleep earlier.

To be honest I dont succeed in all habits every single day and there are days where I do so good and there are days where I feel like crap I dont give a sh*t. But you know that is life and I’m good with that. I think the healthiest way to get into a routine is taking it day by day and adding a small few habits when you are ready and then really make them interesting and cosy. And sometimes.. when you REALLY don’t feel like it, just drop the habit and try again tomorrow. It is okay. I think what I’m trying to say is don’t be too hard on yourself. Take it easy and be kind to yourself and try again the next day. I’m trying to be kind towards myself this year. Instead of being my own worse enemy who is pushing me to do better all the time and telling me I’m not good enough; I’m trying to be my own best friend this time who supports me and is rooting for me at all time and telling me I’m good enough. You guys should do the same! <3

Anyways that’s is for today.. what a long blogpost I know :P haha! Take Care! <3


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