Sunday vibes with a traditional touch

Hi guys!
It is Sunday which means let’s reflect on the week that went by! This week has been really good and I’ve been feeling so inspired and motivated lately. It feels good. I felt like I lost the motivation and excitement to create content for some time but it’s all coming back I feel like! I’ve been at my parents’s place for three weeks now and it has been good! I took some time for myself and my family the first couple of weeks and then I met up with a few friends later when I felt like I had the energy and time for that. I gotta say this holiday has been good to me. I’ve been reflecting a lot, working on myself a lot and also been catching up with loved ones. I’ve had a healthy routine with meditation, journaling and yoga too. I’m going to Copenhagen today and no more working from home. I can’t wait to get started with my routines in Copenhagen and work further on myself and my health and life in general.

I started working this week. Just two days. It felt good to be back at work. I love being productive so I love the tasks I have to do, it’s nice. Beside that I also get to meet up with friends this week which was amazing as well. My mom has birthday today so we spent some time together. Right now she’s on the phone talking, so I thought I might as well create some content. Also she was at work earlier so I’ve been working on the blog and youtube and packing my stuff for Copenhagen.

This week was amazing. Next week I want to focus on my job. Also I’ll be back with badminton and working out with the coach and also by myself. Singing lessons starts again next week which I’m looking forward too and I have a laser hair removal appointment as well! Oh also we have a project team event on Friday next week too. Next week is already fully packed. When I have the time I have some deadlines for some collaborations that I need to get done throughout this week too. I love how this new year has been starting out and I’m very positive about the rest of the year! :D

The earrings are from Designer Banu <3 Love them! <3


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