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Hi guys!
I’ve got another traditional look for you today. This post is in collaboration with Maharaani | Luxe and part one only. You can get amazing sarees and jewels at Maharaani | Luxe and I got to fool around with one of their sarees and also some jewels which I will share with you in another post! I loved this saree. It is simple, bright and just beautiful and I felt so comfortable wearing it! I will let the pictures speak for themselve instead of me trying to express it through words :P But beside that the service is amazing! They are so kind and I’ve been excited to work with them! <3 Now let me show you some pictures/close-up of the saree. Follow-up posts will be done of the saree ones I have time. I would love to take some more pictures where the saree can be seen in full poses as well. So this is more close-up-post! They are doing a giveaway as well so feel free to go join the giveaway so you can win a saree and bangles for the saree! :)


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