I forgot why I was blogging

Hi guys!
The past 4-5 months or more actually.. I’ve been thinking about just quitting blogging and youtube cause I didn’t feel like it made me happy as it used to and I didn’t really understand why or how that happened. I just didn’t feel it I guess. But the last few months I’ve been very excited and happy with blogging again and I was wondering like what and why and how I lost that excitement. Right now I was working on the blog , going through old blogposts and I just realized that I totally forgot why I was blogging in the first place.

You know with social media as YouTube and Instagram and also blogging you quickly get distracted from your main “purpose”. You scroll around and see all these amazing content creators and you start comparing yourself and then it is not fun anymore. I started blogging and also youtube to express myself and to have a space where I can be unapologetically myself AND a space where I can collect all random memories and whatever makes me happy; It can be memories with friends and family, a special occasion, or me reading a book or trying to cook, or eating something, or beauty products or my outfit or my playlist.. as you can see the list can go on. I was just collecting all the things that made me happy at one place and embracing all the things that made me happy. It is my way of staying positive and focus on the good and also my way of reflecting on life and myself as a person. I think I started to get demotivated cause I suddenly felt like I had to be something big and get really far and I dont know exactly what and how. But I don’t really have that need anymore. I love sharing what I love and enjoy and I hope to inspire and motivate you guys with whatever I feel like at that moment. And blogging just helps me focus on the good in life and reminds me how far I’ve gotten and how beautiful my life is. I think that is really beautiful.

I haven’t done youtube for about 6 months now. One of the reason was because I didn’t really feel for it and I wasn’t motivated. But another thing was: time. To be honest I didn’t have time either. I was working on myself and I have a 9 to 5 job that I need to take care of as well and I didn’t have the time or energy to do more than working, workout and blogging whenever I could. But I do hope to get some routine so I can document and vlog again, but we will see. It is really time consuming so I need to find out how to plan to make it work. I do enjoy making videos, but it hasn’t been a priority the last 6 months or more.

I think the moral of this story is that if something makes you happy; just do it. You don’t need to be perfect at it. And you know we shouldn’t do things for validation but for our own happiness so we can feel fulfilled. And also do things for the right reasons. The things you do should be fun and excite you and mean something to you. Don’t do things just for the sake of doing it, and that is what I felt a couple of months ago and then there is like no point. I do believe that it is normal to sometimes feel that way since I’ve been blogging for some time now and I thought I would admit and share my thoughts here on the blog; then you also know why I’m doing this as well. <3

Anyways.. I think that’s it for this blogpost! It’s Sunday which means laundry day, so I gotta go do my laundry now :P Take Care!


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