Holiday vibes

Hi guys
I hope you are all enjoying your holidays. I for sure am. I’m literally not doing anything the last couple of days. I’m taking time off. I’m watching Netflix, reading books and eating Amma’s food. I’ve come to the acceptance of who I am regarding the whole social life aspect: I love hanging with friends and family. Don’t get me wrong. But this year I’ve really realized that I’m the kind of person who loves to be social BUT I also need my time alone, to really listen to myself and I just really enjoy spending time at home with no plans, where I only need to focus on me, not talk, listen to music, enjoy nature, read books, watch youtube videos and Netflix and you know just vibing alone. It’s kinda like how I recharge myself to be social again :P if that makes sense.. And when I give myself that time I’m way more excited and present when I hang with people. I’ve had couple of plans in October and November, so now I need time to just chill and hang with myself again. It feels too much for me to hang out and be social because of several reasons that I might share with you some other time. But the fact is I need time alone to breathe and listen to my inner self and this year I’ve been really good at taking those breaks and I really appreciate these alone times. So here is my holiday in pictures beside having a few plans with family and friends:


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