Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022: Redefining success


I hope your new year will be full of adventures, opportunities, love and joy! <3
It’s 4.30 in the morning and I just got home and I felt like reflecting on 2021 and reflecting on what now.


To be honest; 2021 wasn’t really the best year but it wasn’t the worse either. Most of 2021 I actually spend some time alone and I did a lot of healing work. I’ve been struggling with some anxiety issues and I think it was time to take care of my well-being and to really understand what has been going on, so that is what I did this year. I took a lot of breaks and I needed space and I cancelled plans and I stayed in Copenhagen for the most part of 2021. In 2021 I really got to know myself and heal myself. I realized I had a lot more inner battles than I realized which I had to face this year. I had a lot of anxiety that I had to deal with. So I took time off to really understand myself, my well being and to heal from whatever I was struggling with.

Also I had this whole existential crisis due to the fact that I turned 30 and I was no longer in my 20s anymore. Life didn’t really go as planned and I just thought I would be somewhere else in life at this point so I felt like I was behind with life and I didn’t really know what I wanted with my life anymore. I still don’t know what I want to be honest, despite being happy and at peace. But you know I just thought I would have everything figured out by now but I don’t and that made me feel like i total failure so I was like: what is the meaning of life? what is my purpose? what do I want? Am I behind with life? why am I not really happy as I thought I would be? A a bunch of questions and doubts just kept on popping into my head which made me exhausted and frustrated. But I guess it is a normal feeling that a lot of us go through. Beside anxiety issues, well-being issues and turning 30, a lot of good things also happened. I started working out again, and I got a coach for fitness and I started doing weight lifting. This made me feel really good and motivated. I also got a piano for my birthday so I started practicing piano. I still go and enjoy my solo singing lessons which I’m grateful for. I went to Portugal with friends this year. I saw a bunch for sunsets, sunrises and full moon this year. I got my nails done for the first time in my life (not that comfortable btw but it is pretty.. maybe it is just something I have to get used to). I dyed my hair again (balyage! btw). I started to put more boundaries in general in life and I started speaking up about my needs a lot more than usual this year. I started taking care of me this year in a more healthier way. I started to badminton with friends. I got facial laser hair removal which works very efficiently.. the list can go on.. what I’m trying to say is that I also do have some positive memories and experiences this year :P But let me list up my lessons:

Lessons learned in 2021:
– It takes time to heal. You have to be patient.
– It is okay to ask for help
– Saying no is ok and if someone says no that is ok as well (don’t take it personal)
– It’s not always about you. Everyone is their own main character so people actually don’t think a lot about you regarding what you do or say. No one cares since we are all just focusing on ourselves.
– It is okay to prioritize your needs first. You cannot be there for everyone else if you aren’t feeling good yourself
– Speak up and be honest and those who doesn’t appreciate it or accept it or get you; you don’t really need them
– You don’t owe anyone anything and no one owes you anything either
– Let go of the past
– Go with the flow
– Life never goes as planned and that is okay
– Live life the way you want to and not the way you “should” because society told you so
– There are no rules about how you should live your life. Do you
– It’s ok to take time off and step back and you can do it as many times as you need or like
– Don’t take things too personally
– Don’t have too high expectations for people and give yourself whatever you expect others to give you
– Trust your intuition
– Don’t stress about the future. Live in the present moment
– Learn to love yourself as who you are today right now at this very moment with your flaws and all. No one is perfect.


This year I actually only have one main goal. Okay maybe you can divide it into multiple minor goals or something but; I want to heal and find peace within myself. I want to live a healthy peaceful life. This means that I need to heal, take care of myself and learn to live in the present moment. Also this means letting go of whatever doesn’t serve me and go with the flow and also that I have to be patient. I want to embrace life and I want to live a beautiful chill life. I want to be healthy, workout, eat healthy, speak up, work well, read and educate myself, be creative, create content, express myself and I want to feel free and at peace. I want to be more mindful as well. Usually I have very specific goals as for money, weight, the blog, youtube, social media, reading, coding, my job, books etc. This year I don’t have anything like that. I thought I needed to be succesfull and be acknowledged and to really achieve something huge. I thought that’s what life is about. After 2021 and also 2020 actually; I really don’t care about stuff like that. I dont need validation, acknowledgement, success or anything like that. I just want to be happy and do whatever I feel like. That would be success for me. The definition of success has changed over time and I think for me success is to just be happy and live in peace and live a mindful life. In 2021 I realized you don’t get peace and mindful living or happiness through materialistic stuff as an apartment, and you do not really get it through validation from people you don’t even know and also you won’t get it through education and work either. It’s an inner state of mind that doesn’t get affected by all these outer noises in life. I know my goal is like all over the place and nothing specific but I do have a plan to get there :P Let me list up the small changes and how I want my life to be to achieve happiness and peace this year:

In 2022 I want to or I need more of…:
– Meditation everyday
– Morning Yoga
– Journaling
– Read more books and educate myself
– Sleep 8 hours
– Drink enough water
– Eat a lot more fruits and veggies
– Affirmations
– Listen to more podcasts
– Be creative: blogging: photography, writing, video editing, drawing, painting
– Practice piano
– Practice singing
– Save money
– No more take outs
– Mindfull shopping
– Decluttering
– Improving our feng-shui
– Stop pleasing people
– Believing more in myself
– Continue working on my healing, trigger points and understanding myself; Getting to know the real me better
– Workout: Strength workout, cardio, badminton, yoga and swimming
– Clean space
– Practice more gratitude and stay more positive
– Listen to more positive vibe music

It seems like a lot of things but the things listed here are things I can incorporate easily into my daily routines to improve my life and to feel better within myself. If I’m being consistent with a few proper routines I think I’m all good.

Anyways guys; this was my reflection and goal setting for the new year! I hope it inspires or motivates you guys as well <3


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