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Hi guys!

I thought I would share with you life at this very current moment today on a Sunday where I’m still in my PJ.. trying to figure out: what is life? xD Some deep sh*t I know… well actually not so deep to be honest.. I’m really trying to practice listening to myself and my body and what I need in life and what makes me happy in life. It feels like the older I get the less I want in life. I just want a peaceful life and enjoy this very present moment. Since COVID I’ve learned so much. No actually, the last 2-3 years I’ve learned and grown so much and the biggest lesson of all time is: You are responsible for your own happiness. No one is coming to fix you or give you happiness and also IF someone gives you happiness that’s temporary. The only person you have forever is yourself, so you gotta make life worth living for yourself. It’s your own responsibility. The more I reflect on that the more I realize that I just want a chill life. Do good at my job at work, work on my health, workout, eat a little bit healthier and do whatever makes me happy as today: writing this blogpost.

I’ve felt like I always have to strive for something more and bigger and better and now I’m like: Naaah! I dont have to. I just want to enjoy what I have right now and embrace my life. So yeah I guess that’s what I’ve been doing lately: Enjoying the amazing weather, editing whenever I felt for it (not that far with that part :P), drinking juices, working out, walking a lot, eating out, reading, bulletjournaling and being social whenever I have the energy for it.

Working on yourself is exhausting… realizing a lot of things about you and trying to become better is hard work and sometimes I just need days where I just wanna be by myself and sitting at the balcony reading a book xD So that’s what I do when I need it.
Life is really good. I’m really grateful for all that I have and I guess I just want to appreciate my life, my loved ones, my job, my home, Copenhagen etc. I feel blessed. Now, let me show you my life in pictures:


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