I tried Moules Frites for the first time

A few weeks ago I tried Moules Frites for the first time with my friends. I’ve actually tried it twice now. I have just concluded without trying much seafood that I dont like seafood; so a couple of weeks ago I gave seafood a chance. One of the dishes among others was Moules Frites and I guess I actually like Moules Frites. The first time I tried it, it was really good. It was so delicious and I was really impressed. The second time I tried it I was like okay this is okay. I gotta say this is not my favorite dish at all but it is not bad at all either. I guess I will have to try out more different dishes than my burgers and fries from now on to see what I like. There is like a whole new world of food out there that I haven’t tried for so long or been aware of XD hahaha!
Ah btw also I haven’t really tried Crème Brulee much either so I tried that two times also but I gotta say that’s not really my cup of tea. It was too sweet and you know when it comes to dessert.. I’m kinda still stubborn. I love chocolate and yeah.. anything else but chocolate is not that impressive for me xD That’s rare! (Sorry, don’t judge). xD


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