Birthday Celebration #30

Hi guys!
I have a whole birthday blogpost series for you guys today :P There’s so much I wanna share with you! :D So yesterday I turned 30… and to be honest… I haven’t been that excited about it… I will share more of my thoughts and reflection in another post :P I have been working a lot lately so I was pretty exhausted on my birthday BUT I had an amazing day! My parents came by, and my mom made delicious food. It was like a mix of brunch and tapas and a lot of dessert! I loved it! Some of our friends and family friends came by for some lunch and it was so cosy. It wasn’t really a big celebration but it ended up looking like a big celebration because Thannu made a cake, Delany came with cupcakes and cake, and mom made desserts and a lot of food and yeah.. It was a really good day with great company and a lot of good food. I wanted it to be simple and just chill and it was just that with a lot of food :D <3 Let me show you some moments from my birthday


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