#13DECEMBERDIARY – Sunday Vibes

Hi guys!
It has been a really chill yet productive Sunday today. I’ve been working most of the day while relaxing, listening to music and fooling around. I’m enjoying work a lot lately and I love the challenges as well. Also I want to improve my skills and the only way I can improve is by working more so that’s what I’m doing without stressing and being too hard on myself. I’m kinda just enjoying it actually so it doesn’t feel like working if you get what I mean.
Beside working I’ve been cleaning a little around the apartment, doing some more laundry, grocery shopping, meditation, journaling, talking with my sister, finishing buying Christmas presents and I guess thats it. It has actually been a very productive yet relaxed day just like yesterday. I’m really enjoying these weekends without any plans. I get to recharge and it feels good. Now let me show you my Sunday in pictures:


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