May Recap

May has been amazing to me! It has been a month full of laughter and joyful moments. I’ve also had my challenges/struggles, of course; everyday is not like paradise for anybody (that’s just life being life) but May has definitely been good to me! I’ve been so social this month, hanging with a lot of friends and family and catching up; from high school friends, to university friends, to colleagues from Cph and Polan, to family and also get to know a lot of new amazing kind people. It has been just amazing and exciting!

I also got a little exhausted at one point and had to step back. If I’m too social and have too many plans at once I get burned out and then I just need to step back to take care of my health and wellbeing :P But it has been such a fun month. It has also been very productive with work. The only thing I did not do well this month is; due to having so many plans in the weekends and weekdays I didn’t get to workout much. Of course that is not any valid excuse and ‘ll try to do better in June. I also wasnt consistent with meditation or blogging as I wanted to. I’ll try to focus on this in June. I wanna try to see if I can take it a little slower in June and then make time for some more workout-days :) I’m truly grateful for everything I have <3


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