My Sunday Reset Morning Routine

Hello guys and happy Sunday! <3

I’m ready for a new week and also a new month. I’ve been lacking dicipline and motivation the last few months but I’ve been kind to myself cause I’ve had a lot going on with my dad, moving and starting at a new office. But… now I’m finally ready to get my sh*t together once again! I had a very calm chill morning routine today which have kept me motivated all day and today has been so productive, so i thought I will share with you guys:

  1. Start your day with you medicin/supplements
  2. Smile –> It really boosts your mood and it’s such a easy small task to do as the first thing in the morning
  3. Drink hot water with lemon
  4. Meditate for at least 5 minutes and then you can increase the time slowly
  5. Journaling: Write at least 3 things you are grateful for today
  6. Read affirmations or listen to affirmations: I like to mix things up a bit so I do both depending on what I feel for that day. Today I actually did both. I read some affirmations on pinterest and then I was listening to affirmations on youtube.
  7. Listen to subliminals: Spotify has some really good subliminals that I have been enjoying listening to
  8. Stretching: Usually I do 15 min stretching but today it was like 5-10 minutes of stretches.
  9. Get some fresh air: I went for a walk with my dad since I’m at my parents place. It felt so good to get some fresh air as one of the first things in the morning
  10. Breakfast; Important!
  11. Reading: I tell myself to at least read 5 pages and often I tend to read more.

After that I started working and it has been relaxing and productive at the same time! I love morning routines and I always try different routines to find out what works best for me; remember; what works for me might not work for you so it is important that you guys try to experiment and try different things out to understand what works for you and excites you.


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