Goodbye 2023

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Hello guys

It’s that time of the year when, before setting new goals and intentions, we have to close this chapter to open our doors to new opportunities and experiences, allowing us to grow and become our true selves. And that is exactly what this blog post is about: Me, reflecting on 2023.

I have very mixed feelings about 2023. I can’t say I’m a fan of the year; it has been hard and challenging. However, I’m still grateful because good things have also happened. But, to be honest, this year was tough.

The year started off well until the end of January 2023 when my dad ended up in the hospital. It got pretty serious, to the point where the doctors were saying we might have to say our goodbyes. We held onto hope, and miraculously, my dad made it through and is doing great now. But let me tell you, it was rough—seeing him in a coma, dealing with a situation we couldn’t control, and watching my mom and sister go through it. I’m really thankful that Dad’s okay now. The first few months were mostly about that, but some good stuff happened as well.

This year has been filled with numerous hospital visits, sickness, and overall challenges. Not to mention that we also had a break-in at our parents’s home this year.. However, the highlight of 2023 is the significant improvement in my dad’s health. He’s now in a much better state—he can walk, drive, and has even resumed working! I’m incredibly proud of him; he’s shown incredible strength and is a true inspiration.

In addition to everything else, we have a wedding coming up. It has given me energy and excitement this year; brainstorming, and all that jazz. Having something to look forward to has been keeping me going this year.

Despite how challenging 2023 has been, I’m actually proud of myself for turning it into a year full of memories and not giving up and just trying to make the best out of it.

January: New year, new me sh*t

As you can tell from the title: I had the new year spirit until my dad got admitted at the end of January.

I also started being more vulnerable on the blog, where I shared about my PTSD and healing journey.

February: Appa

Appa improved during February, but the month was mostly spent being there for him. Initially, he regained consciousness, but his limited mobility meant he spent the whole month of February in the hospital. We spent the whole month at the hospital and I also went to temple to pray and calm down. I prayed a lot…

March: Getting back on track

In March, my dad’s health improved, and he stayed at a rehabilitation center. We visited him every day, and during that time, I found peace in activities like meditation, reading, and puzzles to calm my mind.

By mid-March, my dad received the news that he could return home and continue rehabilitation through the municipality. I also resumed working in March after a break of one and a half months. Initially, I worked part-time to be able to visit Appa, and when he returned home, we coordinated to ensure he wasn’t home alone.

Since the end of January, I had been in Jutland, and in March, I decided to move in with my boyfriend. We were discussing for some time whether to move to Copenhagen or Jutland, but after what happened I was sure that I wanted to move to Jutland instead. I relocated my office from Copenhagen to Århus, bringing me closer to both family and my boyfriend. My sister and I wanted to make sure we could be there for our parents, so my sister also felt more calm when one of us was closer our parents.


In April I started going out again, catching up with friends and getting my life back on track while being there for my family. I even joined a trip to Germany for a concert, and let me tell you, it was exactly what I needed. At first, I hesitated because of everything we’d been through, but I’m so glad I went. It turned out to be an amazing experience, and taking a break from life for a bit felt really good.

I had to fight the feeling of guilt for enjoying life this year. I felt like I should be with my parents 24/7 to make sure nothing happened and that they felt better. I felt like I wasn’t allowed to enjoy life when both my parents had gone through what they had. But I also knew that, to be there for my loved ones, I need to recharge and do things that also give me energy, and prioritize my needs as well, so I did.

Therapy played a significant role in helping me navigate this challenging period and prioritize my needs at the same time. I reached a point of burnout because, in addition to getting my own life together, I found myself needing to figure out various matters for my parents. This involved conversations with insurance and retirement officials, discussions with my parents’ colleagues, coordination with the job center, consultations with doctors, dealings with the bank, addressing patient compensation (not sure if that’s the correct term), and talking with lawyers.

Don’t get me wrong—I’m more than willing to assist my family, and I don’t want to come across as complaining and being an ungrateful person. What I’m trying to express is that managing all these responsibilities while also working on my own well-being and life was overwhelming. I was exhausted. It was tough.

I genuinely wish that we got education on topics like insurance, pensions, wellness, and banking matters. When I was faced with these issues, I had no proper knowledge, and I had to educate myself by reading up on everything and making numerous calls to various departments to understand what to do and where to go.

Another reason to my burn out was the need to repeatedly relive our experiences while communicating with various individuals. Having to explain our situation over and over again and trying to understand the necessary steps took a toll on me.


I tried to create more memories and spend time with friends;


Catching up with loved ones and finding happiness again:


Spending time with family:






I hope you all had an amazing 2023 and I hope 2024 will be amazing for you all <3 Take care <3


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