a day in my life in Copenhagen

I’m in Copenhagen most of this week. I’ll be working and spending time with my sister and friends! It has been nice to be back here in Copenhagen. I started my day with a 40 min walk to the office. We’ve got a new office space which is really beautiful. The design, interior, space, environment, vibe is just amazing. I love our new office.! After work, I had a 30 minutes walk and thought that I wanted to take myself out for a date; Mostly because I saw that SSAM has korean pancakes and I was starving. They ended up not having the pancakes, and that was the reason I went there. I decided to buy some other snack and water and then just chill for a bit but then I found out my sister also just got home earlier than expected. So I asked her to join me and we got an early dinner. Afterwards we went for a walk, we went to get ice cream and did some shopping. I ended up walking 18327 steps today which feels really good. Anyways.. let me show you my day in pictures:


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