Be enough, for yourself first. The rest can wait.

Hi guys!
It’s finally Fridaaaay and I’m looking forward for this weekend! I actually don’t have any plans at all (on purpose) but I think that’s why I’m looking forward to it xD The plan is to relax, work on the blog and youtube, create content, read, workout, cook, relaaaaax and recharge for next week!
Lately I’ve been very exhausted. It’s maybe because I’m waking up at 5.30 everyday and kinda not getting enough proper sleep. I am trying to sleep at around 22:00-23:00 but I don’t really sleep those 6-7 hours properly. I’m thinking if I should try to sleep at 21:00 instead but that just seems very early. I already feel like 22:00 is early compared to what I’m used to xD
I’m really working on getting my life together lately with routines, healthy habits, and being more focused on whatever I do. But sometimes I need to just lay back and relax and do nothing. I still need to learn to do nothing I feel like.

I’ve got a few moments to share with you guys from this week today and also I just wanted to share a life update about what I’ve been up to lately :) Life is very simple lately: Work, practicing mindfulness, cooking, reading, working out and working on the blog and youtube if I have the time and energy (it’s tricky on the weekdays lately) aaaand that’s it. That is pretty much my life at the moment <3 Let me show you:


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