My family and I went to eat lunch at Zirup a week ago. We were visited by our family from Canada and they mentioned smørrebrød which is a Danish traditional open sandwich (copied from Wiki!).. or maybe more Scandinavian dish since Wiki also mentions Norway and Sweden. I actually never really thought about it. Rye bread is just something we have been eating since we were kids so I realized it is a different thing when you don’t live in Scandinavia :P But anyways they asked to try it out so we found a cafe that had smørrebrød. Beside smørrebrød we also ordered some brunch platters in case they weren’t a fan of the food :P But it seems like everyone enjoyed it. My dad loves smørrebrød. My mom… not so much since she makes it and eats it all most every day at work, so she wasn’t that excited so she just went for a brunch platter instead. But yeah the cafe was nice, food was good and we had a great time :) I’ve been here 3-4 times now and the place is just really nice and the food has been good every time as well.


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