#20DECEMBERDIARY – Christmas Baking

Hello guys!
I’ve got like 2-3 posts ready for you guys now. It was such a productive yet cosy day yesterday and I didn’t get to update the blog since I started my day 6.30 in the morning yesterday and slept at 4 in the morning the next day (today) so I’m kinda behind with my December Diary. Yesterday we did some Christmas baking that I thought I would share with you on today’s post. It was like a totally Christmas preparation kinda day yesterday: I got to bake, decorate the house, put up the Christmas tree, watch Home Alone and got to catch up with Arthu and Thannu. We were like talking to 4 in the morning. Yesterday was a perfect kick-start of the Holiday! I’ll show you more about it in one of the up coming posts and keep it to the baking in this blogpost though ;) Let me show you:


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