It’s the little things that counts

Hi guys!

I finally feel like writing a blogpost today. I’ve been caught up with life lately. Work is a huge part of my life, and beside that I’m really working on myself and taking care of myself, my well being and my needs. Lately I’ve been a little out of routine when it comes to updating the blog and youtube but trust me.. I am working on it :P Anyways… that is actually not what this blogpost is about!

While working on myself and you know practicing more of being present in the moment, today I felt so satisfied with the day even though it was a tough one and I thought I wanted to share my happiness. Life is really about the little things. I’ve started working out again, and I have this personal trainer so I can learn to do more than cardio at fitness. And to do something for myself like that really lifts up my mood. In general working out both strength training with my personal trainer and cardio just by myself really lifts up my mood. A bonus is that I get a good night sleep after my workout as well :P Beside that I take singing lessons and that has also been uplifting for me. It’s like taking a break from life and I love it! Those two things have really uplifted my mood lately! Beside that: nature: walking outside and enjoying the weather, the rain, the sunset, the sunrise, the beautiful sky just makes my day.

I woke up the other day to a beautiful sunrise moment and it made me feel so happy and peaceful and satisfied with life. Loved it.

It’s funny how these little things as the sun, nature, music, working out can do. Also my job makes me happy. I love the tasks I get and I feel good with the work place, team, project, colleagues and that makes me feel so grateful.

I have friends that I’m really bad at keep in touch with but they show that they care and I get to catch up with a few over text and it feels good that there is this mutual understanding between us like “hey I care about you. I’m here. But I’ll let you do your thing and give you time to figure out life”. It’s such a relief to have friends that understand that it’s not always easy to balance work life, mental health or just ones well-being, working out, making time for hobbies and then also taking care of your relationships. It’s really tricky to find that balance, and I’m still struggling with that but it’s such a relief that everyone has like a mutual understanding. I feel blessed. I’m also so grateful for my health. Omg also I got facial laser hair removal again and I’ve only tried it once and I can already tell a difference and that makes me happy as well! It makes me feel good about myself. In general all the things I do lately makes me feel good about myself and my life and I feel like I’m slowly going on a more healthier track with life and it feels so good. I love life. It’s beautiful. I just wanted to share this uplifting moment today and yeah I hope you guys like it! I hope you’re all good and take care of yourself <3 I’ll see you in another post soon probably xD


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