I bought myself flowers today

Hi guys
Today I bought myself flowers as the title of my blogpost says… and it felt AMAZING. Haha. xD Lately as mentioned a bunch of times on the blog I’m working a lot on myself and trying out new things and doing a lot of healing. One of the things I’m working on is to live my best life, doing whatever makes me happy without feeling guilty or feeling fearful or anxious. Also I am trying to practice self-love and self-care and this post is exactly about that; taking care of myself.

To be honest I have not always been a flower girl. I still am not like 110 % a flower girl. They never really spoke to me until I think the last couple of years.. Some of the reason I haven’t been interested in flowers is because I suck at taking care of flowers and also plants (I can barely take care of myself) but also because they are so freaking expensive! BUT today I wanted to treat myself. Oh yeah another thing is… as the really judgemental person I have been earlier in my life.. I feel like the older I get the less judgemental I have become by the way :P But as the judgemental person I have been earlier I felt like buying yourself flowers was… kinda pity or sad… but I was so wrong. Working on myself and reading all these self-help and self-development books have made me realize that the small things I do for myself makes me feel happier and just good about myself. I actually enjoy having flowers here at home so I bought some myself and it made me feel so happy today. Even though it’s a small gesture of self-love, I felt like I took care of myself and my wishes and made myself feel good. It was nice. And yeah please dont judge me for have been so judgemental in the past. I am changing and working on it but I have been.. in my past… kinda very judgement but yeah haven’t we all? at some point in our lives? -.-‘ Also you know society puts this image in our minds about how our lives are supposed to be and how we are supposed to do things in life I guess, so the whole “taking care of yourself”; self-love and self-care seems so new and different in some way. Like putting yourself first and prioritizing can be scary and new if you are used to prioritize everyone else around you. And it is so easy to feel guilty and selfish when trying to take care of yourself because I dont think we are used to that in our society.. or at least not from where I’m coming from I guess.. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you guys but yeah just wanted to share this moment of happiness with you guys today <3 Take care! <3


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