Outfit of the day – Lisbon Edition

Hi guys
As I mentioned in the previous blogpost: “Okay we are doing some catching up on 2021 blogposts now cause I’m behind as usual! xDI didn’t get to post all posts from our Lisbon trip because I got busy with life and I don’t want to feel like I have to post everything on the blog and I dont want to force myself to share all the things on the blog. Then it’s not gonna be fun for me and I’m kinda doing this for me and my happiness :P With that said I actually really want to share a few posts before 2022 and I prepared a few Lisbon posts for you! I dont have the time or energy to post all the posts ”

Okay the “disclaimer” part is done XD This was one of my favorite outfit this summer as well. I felt so free and just happy in this outfit xD haha.
Jaramie took some pictures of me that I really wanted to share of the outfit and just me trying hard to pose xD Let’s go:


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