Cafe Velvet

Today I got to catch up with Theenu after a year. We met up January 2022 and then now in January 2023. It felt so good to catch up again and there was so much to catch up. Every year we decide to be better at meeting up but I haven’t been able to and that one is on me :P In general I am not good at making plans as I’ve mentioned before. But it was so cosy to hang with her and catch up with her. Much needed! And I know I say it every year but this year I’ll be working more on making more plans while I at the same time don’t plan too much so I wont get exhausted :)

We went to Cafe Velvet. The interior at the cafe was beautiful. We decided to sit at the pink roses area, but they also had a blue area and green area with no roses :P We ordered brunch buffet which was delicious. There was a lot of options to choose between and it tasted really good. When I saw the pancakes and the nutella I got so excited :P The food looks and tasted delicious! I will definitely go there again!


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