#1DecemberDiary – Hello December

Hello guys!
So last year I totally failed doing vlogmas so I thought I would try to blog instead like random Christmas post everyday until Christmas Eve! Let’s see if I can do this properly this time. The posts are mostly going to be Christmas-related but also like really random I think :P Maybe kinda like “vlogging” and “diary” ish where I just write instead of talking :P
The day just went with work mostly today and then I met up with Delany so we could exchange our yearly “advent calendar gifts”. I have no idea how you say that in English :P We give each other 24 gifts that we open everyday until Christmas Eve. It’s so fun and exciting. It’s our third year of repeating the tradition xD Today I just thought I would make like an “intro post” for the “vlogmas” on the blog. I hope you will all have a December to remember <3 I’ll do my best to make the best of the last month of 2021 <3


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