Sushi, spicy soup noodle challenge and i dont know

Hi guys
A few weeks ago I was back at my parents’s place. It has been so good being back at my parents’s place. I got to spend time with my family and as I’ve mentioned before: there is good home-cooked meals as well xD And also I just feel relaxed and recharged if that makes sense. The first picture is my sister drawing. She is into oil painting lately which is really cool! The next picture is amma and I eating cake that my sister made, while I decided to read and amma decided to watch videos :P Arthu, Thannu and I decided to go out, do some shopping, buy sushi and sit at a park and eat and talk. It was so relaxing! I always feel more inspired and motivated after we spend time together and do something together. So after this mindfull journey we decided to do a spicy noodles challenge. Yeah this wasn’t that mindfull at all and I still dont really understand why I said yes to this but I did. So we decided to try these spicy noodles and the challenge was that the one who drinks the water first is the looser. We were all 3 stubborn so we finished the spicy noodle and we suffered after XD haha! So there were no losers but yeah was it worth it? I’m not sure :P


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