Hi guys!
After a looooong time we finally got to eat out this weekend. It felt good to get out of the house and get some quality time outside of the house :P I love eating out since it’s just another way of bonding xD Good food and good company and chill environment you know… that’s life.! We decided to go to Wagamama. My selection of food kinda failed this day compared to what I usually choose here but the appetizers were amazing and also Thannu’s dish was really really good. I ordered a Bulgogi dish and it was okay. Not the best I’ve tried at Wagamama but not bad either! I’ve just tasted better dishes at Wagamama before xD But we all three loved hanging there. The staff was really nice, the food was good, and hanging out with Arthu and Thannu was really good so it was just pure happiness xD I needed that! xD Now let me show you:


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