I took a day off

So since I’ve been working a lot lately I got to take a day off and it was good. I had some errands to run, so I ended up eating out. I got a delicious vegetarien sandwich and a mango smoothie! I was doing some shopping and just chilling at the cafe, reading a book. Since I had so much the last couple of weeks, I could tell that I was exhausted now so I went home afterwards and took a nap! I tell you that nap was exactly what I needed. I then had my PT training, so I did workout and walk a lot yesterday and then I went home, ate dinner with my sister and went to sleep. It was a perfect chill day off yet kinda productive and exactly what I needed. Today, it’s Friday. I have a fully packed weekend. I have plans today and the rest of the weekend, so it was really great to have a day off yesterday! Let me show you some pictures I got to take:


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