#12DECEMBERDIARY – Chill Saturday

Hello guys <3
Today has been very chill. I’ve been vlogging and I had a somehow long to-do-list that I wanted to get through. I’m only half way through but we have tomorrow too to finish everything up so it’s all good ;)
What I got to do today was:
– Meditation
– Journaling
– Went for a walk and Christmas shopping
– Returned a blazer that didn’t fit
– Had to pick up my Goodiebox
– Laundry (not finished though!)
– BlogUpdate: 3 blogposts today with this one! (catching up on old content)
– Experimenting with video and photography + experimenting with makeup
– Work
– Cooked a very basic easy dinner.. but I cooked! That’s huge xD (trying to stop ordering takeaways)
– Practiced singing
– Did some cleaning. Not enough though
– Updated social media and did some research/brainstorming for the blog and youtube!
– Talked with a few friends over the phone and did some catching up
– Vlogging!

I would say it has been a pretty productive day today while still relaxing and just chilling.! :)

Got to take some morning selfies and some make-up selfies :P I’m trying to take some look-photos of the new hair since I’m gonna change it up a bit next week :P


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