Palm reading, chakras and manifestation

Hi guys,
A few weeks ago I found this store called maduro* here in Copenhagen after my singing lesson on my way home and I was immediately obsessed! They have some amazing stuff like art, home decor, kitchen stuff, board games, posters, tarot cards, accessories yeah the list could go on. I loved the store and I really tried to control myself but I did end up buy a few things :P So I bought this poster that is made my Matilde Digmann that I really love. And then I decided to buy palm reading and chakra cards! I’ve already started digging more into horoscope, crystals, oracle cards and tarot cards and I also have yoga cards so these two were just perfect to my collection of cards :P Also I’ve been wanting to understand and know more about palm reading and chakras so this was just perfect! Let me show you my purchases:


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