I dyed my hair again #newlook

Hi guys!
I’m back with a new random post today! 2 days ago I decided to dye my hair and cut it just a little as well. I went for a balayage look with actually cold brown blonde color. Aaaand I am enjoying it so far. At first I was a little insecure with the look because it is so bright, I mean it’s blonde and you know my hair is black so it is a big change :P But I think I just have to get used to it! I’m enjoying the look and I cant wait to experiment with it with my curls as well! We went to the hairdresser right after work and was there for about 5-6 hours. So yeah it was a loooong day. I have some pictures right after I got the new look but let me just warn you first: I look tired. Cause it was a looong day xD

Anyways I love experimenting with my look so it feels good to try something new!


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  1. V
    November 14, 2021 / 00:02

    Where did you dye your hair? :-)

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