Birthday Celebration: Hello 30s!

Hi guys!
So after a reflection post on my thoughts on turning 30, I thought I’ll share my birthday celebration part 2 with my friends with you guys! A few weeks ago I got to celebrate my birthday with my friends and it was amazing. As mentioned earlier: I haven’t been excited about turning 30 and I was sooooo close to cancel the party because I was just not feeling it at all. BUT I ended up celebrating anyways and it was kinda a mess because I didn’t prepare everything in good time; I was too busy with work and life, so it was kinda stressful BUT I am soooo happy that I still got to celebrate with the ones I love! It was so amazing to see all my friends again after a long time and everyone was great! I am truly grateful and I feel so blessed that I have the people I have in my life. They all made the day amazing and I had an amazing time despite turning 30 and being so confused and lost about life XD haha! And omg the cake was delicious and we just had an amazing time together! I will cherish these moments forever in my heart! <3


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