Lisbon diaries: May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears

Hi guys,
Today I’m kinda just reflecting back to our Lisbon trip. I was really happy and enjoying it a lot which made me think of that I need to create more of such memories with people I love! I think life is just about that; Creating memories. I sometimes just prefer being alone, by myself, because then it is way more safe; Because no one can “hurt” me or “affect” me and I cant hurt no one or affect anyone. It’s just me and my own thoughts and opnions. I kinda like it like that. But when looking back to this trip I do see how much happiness and also growth I achieve through spending more time with people I love and creating memories like this. So I wanna do more of that. I still like my alone-time though. Don’t get me wrong :P HAhaha. I still haven’t properly figured out if I’m introverted or extroverted actually. Cause I think as a person I am very introverted and then I choose when to be extroverted. I dont know if that makes sense. I think I can appear extroverted when I’m with friends and people I’m really comfortable with and if I’m like in a really good mood or if I need to perform or present something or if I’m responsible for some social gathering ish. But beside those moments, you will see me sit in the back where no one can see me and just chill there, where I like to be as invisible as possible xD It’s a very weird combination but I do think that a lot of us are like that :P (i kinda hope) xD But yeah anyways.. just a thought.. that I should create more memories, be less fearful and just take the leap of faith sometimes and hope for the best in whatever I do.


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