Casesar salad & Cheesecake

Hi guys
A few weeks ago my sister and I went out to eat since we were so tired of staying home and needed a break from home :P I’m not proud of this but I’m usually not the type who buys salad when I eat out. I usually go for the burger and fries at all most all cafés but this day was different. I’m often eating out with friends. I enjoy catching up while going out eating somewhere and I love to try out new different cafés or restaurants. But since I have had plans with friends so much lately since everything opened up I’m kinda trying to choose a little bit healthier than usual cause I want to take care of my health as well. So I decided to go for a salad this day and you know what.. it was actually really good. I enjoyed it so much! I wasn’t a fan of the bacon on my salad so I didn’t eat that part but beside the bacon I ate everything and it was delicious. After that we went to a cheesecake café. I have been here several times and they have this amazing cookie cheesecake something and it is so delicious (talking about healthier choices.. yeah i know.. #fail xD). We ate dinner at Café Okko and cheesecake at Bertels Salon. It was gooood!


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