Project Event: Restaurant Mellemrum & Camping Aaen

This week, we had a project event at work. In September, I joined another project at work, which meant a new team, a new business context, and much more. It was also kind of a new office; it’s my first project in Århus since moving from Copenhagen. We had all talked about doing something social to get to know each other, you know, some team-building kind of thing. We decided to go to Camping Aaen to play minigolf, which turned out to be a very laid-back activity and gave us all the chance to have some good conversations.

After that, we went to restaurant Mellemrum. The interior was amazing, and I loved the vibe of the restaurant. The meals were really good as well; not something I’ve tasted before. They were creative, beautiful, and tasted good. The only thing that didn’t really work was that it took a long time to get each meal. We went to eat at 18:15, and we got our dessert at around 21:30. We were in a rush with the dessert since a couple of us needed to take the train back home, and it was also a Thursday, which meant work the next day. I should have booked dinner a little earlier, but now I know for next time. It was nice hanging out and spending time together! We had a great time! :)


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