What keeps me going lately

Hi guys!
I’m as always trying to figure this thing out called life and I think COVID kinda hit me real hard a few months ago. Not only COVID but for the most part. Okay so I didn’t get Corona, first of all but the whole lock down kinda made me uninspired and at the same time I started realizing how I’m actually feeling about myself, my life and everything. So it has been hard for me to like understand what I want from life and from myself. I think everyone goes through this once in a while and I think it’s healthy to reflect on life and how you are feeling, so it’s not a bad thing but it’s exhausting. With that said, I’ve been focusing a lot on myself lately and I have a few things that really gets me going lately that I wanted to share with you!
1. Nature: Yeah nature really lifts my mood and get me going. I love watching the sunrise and sunset and watching the moon. It’s so beautiful and I feel like there’s hope and I feel peace. I love it! So it has definitely kept me going to enjoy nature.
2. Music: Singing lessons and just listening to music really inspires me and makes me feel different things and that is keeping me going
3. Yoga: Working out and just going for a walk helps a lot but mentally I feel like Yoga really helps me stay grounded and calm. It has been such a stress relief and really helps me going with life.
4. Meditation: I’ve actually been out of practice I feel like but I still kinda force myself to meditate everyday and there are times where I can really tell the difference and there are times where I dont feel like it helped at all. But in the long run I do see meditation being very beneficial for me mentally to keep going with life.
5. Chocolate: This is not healthy I know but I love treating myself with some chocolate and it also kinda feels like a comfort that I’ve been enjoying :P
6. Food: Food has kept me going but that is no secret at all :P I will say that I’m being more aware of what I’m eating. That doesn’t mean I’m healthy all the time (as you can see on the pictures) but I’m healthier than I’ve been before :)
7. Podcast & Affirmation: I’ve been listening to affirmation podcasts on Spotify and it really lifts me up and motivates and inspires me! I’ve been loving it!
8. Instagram: So this is an interesting topic actually. I use to love Instagram but the last few months I felt like it affected me in a negative way that I wasn’t used to. But now I started following a lot of health fitness lifestyle related Instagrammers and I for the most part feel inspired and motivated when I scroll through Instagram. I still do believe that I need to find a more proper balance with social media but I feel like I now know a little bit more about how to use the app more positively at least.


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