Grateful for where I’m at

Hi guys!
I have a couple of days left from my holiday and then it is back to work so I thought I would share with you what I have been up to. After spending a few weeks with family and books I finally got some energy to catch up with a few friends back home. It was nice to catch up again since I don’t even remember when we last hung out. I’m that friend you only see once or twice a year unless we live somehow close to each other. It’s nothing personal at all. As much as I love catching up I also love spending time alone to recharge and I needed to recharge a lot in 2021 :P But it has been really amazing to see my friends again. I feel so blessed and grateful for all the people I have around me. It feels really good to start the year with meeting up with childhood friends <3 Life is good.

I’m gonna go back to Copenhagen in a week and yeah I’m not really sure when I will be back to Herning again. Mostly because I feel like I have a lot going on in Copenhagen with work, workout (with and without a coach), singing lessons, badminton and healing work. But yeah it has been really good being back home <3 I also can’t wait to get back to Copenhagen and get into a routine and work on myself. Not that I’m not working on myself here in Herning at my parent’s place but I don’t feel settled here since all my stuff and work is in Copenhagen. I have a routine here as well with meditation, reading, journaling, going for a walk etc. But right now my life is in Copenhagen so I want to get into some healthy routines over there so I can live a healthy peaceful happy positive liiife! :D <3 To be honest I don’t really have the biggest goals or expectations for 2022, cause I felt so disappointed about 2021 but I’m slowly getting a good feeling about 2022.. like this year is gonna be very chill and laidback and positive. I will do my best to embrace life and be positive and create amazing memories as always <3


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