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Life has been really great this past week! I’m enjoying being back at work, I feel recharged and I’m working a lot on myself. I started working out again at the fitness center. I’ve been doing some workouts and yoga at home but not I’ve finally pushed myself to join fitness! The next challenge is to also try some classes at fitness like yoga or something. But yeah one step at a time. I’ve been a little bit more social lately. I’m trying to find a balance between working on myself and taking time for myself, work and social life. It’s a very tough challenge to make it work though, especially when you live in Copenhagen and most of your friends are living in Jylland and Fyn, and also when you don’t drive a car, so you have to take public transport to everything -.-‘. At least I have got my COVID vaccine so I don’t have to get tested all the time whenever I have plans or something. That’s at least something but yeah… I’m really trying to listen to myself these days about what I need in life and how I want my everyday to be and just how to make life work in the best way possible without feeling exhausted, stressed out or overwhelmed most of the time. This means beside fitness and trying to be social again, my everyday also contains smoothies, juices, salads and long walks! And I love it! xD

Btw… My sister and I wanted to try ice latte because it looks delicious. Both of us dont drink coffee and we just got confirmed that we are not that into ice lattes or whatever it is called .. :P (sorry, don’t judge xD). I’m just gonna go back to my green tea instead. :P


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